1 Jan 2011

Welcome to the Cave!

Well, now this is the cave. At present, the cave is half finished. I still have to place a panel for the special tool, the workbench and a lift for the bikes, which we had in the previous workshop and I'm waiting to bring it to me in a van (I hate having to relay on people).

It's been a hard work but will be worth, paint the walls and ceiling in black and white, order all the screws and the little pieces for electricity has been the most boring. I try to be orderly.

I'm anxious to finish organizing things in the cave and start projects that I have with some bikes.

1 comment:

Sil said...

pura vida!!!!
que rico espacio seguríssimo que saliran deste lugar muchas cosas buenas y interessantes , és un espacio con una energia muy buena!