15 Apr 2014

To hell with the Lords

I recognize it, I'm a big fan of this garage rock band, called The Lords of Altamont. I've seen them in concert whenever I could, Castellón, Villareal, Valencia and Madrid.... 
Even when I went to see them on crutches. 
Although the band has always been changing people, Jake Cavaliere (A.K.A. "The Preacher") is the soul of this band and a terrific guy.
Thanks for your music, patches and everything else.

1 Mar 2014

Spanish 60's

A few days ago my father in law, showed me this picture of his bike in 1962 in Valencia. This is a Montesa Brio 110, that bought when he began the military service for move more quickly from the barracks to his house. He also commented me that when he used to ride with the bike and his friends, his bike was the quickest, because he made a tune up on the engine and sometimes he added mothballs in the air filter,  hahahaha. 
Love old stories of those crazy men and their crazy machines...Cool

2 Feb 2014

Born Free

BORN FREE from scott pommier on Vimeo.

This video has already some months, but I find it amazing and had to share


 During this long time without writing a word, some things have happened. After I moved to Igualada (Barcelona) for one year. I hoped not take long to come home with my friends, my dogs, the beach, the garage, the bike and other greasy things...

Seen on the street, in Igualada this hearse Seat 1500, to drive every day

Antique street market in Igualada

Real best friend

I came home last September, to attend the Big Twin biker meeting, It was a great week!

At the biker beach party with the photographer Fernando Ibañez and his funny shirt, Rafa and the Horse (photo: Javiking)

My mate Jesus & me

But I regret to announce that I will take some time to return to the cave. I had to re-move to another city, this time even farther from the sea, this time the "big smoke", this time Madrid...

This meatball was me in 1983 in Madrid on a Seat 124 in my neighborhood

In my neighborhood today, still remains some cars from late 70s. It's ugly, but seeing this Chrysler 180 among current cars without personality, produces a little nostalgia

In December, I went for some days to Valencia to see my surgeon for a check, he gave me very good news. My tibia is very strong!!

So I kept riding...
and riding...

Also I went to the first "Valencia Custom Fest" with my mates Horse and Richard. Was cool because I think that  the Valencia Community needed an event like this, here are people who build and ride interesting things.

Sporty from a friend in Olleria (Valencia) Javier Customizing

Cool front headlight

My mate Alex from FTF Motorcycles

Alex's bike before making a pintstriping on the show

But all the good things are short. I returned to Madrid, luckily there is Bonneville which I often visit to see Adolfo and talk a while, see the bikes and other parts froms the shop. The pic was taken in a weekend that the Horse came to Madrid  for a visit.

My bicycle in Madrid...

The year has started well, because the first weekend of the new year went for a ride with the crew, it was amazing ride with them all together !!

We've made some new button pins...

I went to see Elias from 13 cycles in Benicasim, he is building an awesome custom bicycle

Another bike from 13 cycles seen on an exhibition last weekend in Benicasim, where I went with the crew...

Another photo by Javiking

The truck left 3000 kg of firewood, that I had to stack for a whole afternoon to get the bike from the garage...

And that's all for now, there isn't much more interesting to say at the moment, I can't go back to the cave, I would love to go back and continue creating things, but for now it's impossible and perhaps is one of the reasons for not posting anything here at this time. I'm searching new personal challenges overseas...not here in Spain. Lately I prefer to use instagram for posting daily stuff quickly.

10 Oct 2013

Grease and soda for this Saturday!

Watch videos from Garage Artist, Corpses from hell, El Solitario ... while you are eating a hamburger and drink some beers in good company, sounds like a good plan! Where? At 99% Moto-Bar (Barcelona) this 12th

5 Aug 2013

The Bluey has its own t-shirt...

Not long ago, I talked on the blog about the Japanese artist, HINOMARUTOMOMIMOTO, and his unique style of drawing tshirts. A couple weeks after meeting her in Barcelona Harley Days, I contact her for a draw of the Sporty on a t shirt and it looks amazing! Highly detailed and with a sensation of vibration...
When she asked me if I wanted to add a sentence or something, I told him to write "El único modo de superar una prueba es realizarla" (The only way to pass a test is perform it). It has been a very significant phrase for me in the last years...
I'm very grateful for the work on my t shirt

Check her blog and her works

10 Jul 2013

Can / Cannot

Last Saturday I was walking around the "Barcelona Harley Days", an event organized by the MO.CO.

Luckily not everything were fringe and screens...

I took a walk around the shops, where I met to Hinomarutomomimoto, a Japanese artist and pleasant woman. She draws cool T-shirts with motorcycles, but not a typical drawing of a motorcycle. His drawings have something special. Although she is right-handed, she draws with his left hand to give the appearance of the vibration on the bike, I really liked them.


 I met there to my friend "Peta" from Asturias! Nice to see you again, mate!
I also went to see some bikes who participated in the bike show. Although I saw a lot of Sportsters and Trikes in the closed park, the Best of show winner, was also the winner on best Big Twin category (I don't have pic, sorry). The bike was from Underground Motorcycles,  Barcelona (Congrats Miguel Angel) they usually build pretty cool bikes.
This last bike show, although as I said before, the organizer is Harley Spain, made me think that the show would be fat lens over, after some controversy currently in internal forums about the bike shows in Spain. To mark a Bike Show held in Madrid a couple weeks ago.
 Apparently there are bike builders, professionals and non-professionals, in the national scene, that aren't in accordance with the criteria of the votes from the jury and some winners, not only in this event, also all meetings held in Spain.

Best "Sporty" winner

Nice flatty from Sueca Iron Cycles, also winner in "Antique Category"

"Best Custom" winner from "Crazy Dreams Mallorca"
There are some rules that are now debating on the table. Honesty and good judgment when are voting on a motorcycle to make the winner. Others are questions randomly thrown, but with much aiming, as the number of categories and the incomprehension of others, such as "Free Style"... Who should be the jury of the Bike Show? Builders? What criteria? Not everyone will be able to value the good work, improvements, style, work details, and more. Logically there are many new people and maybe some with lower knowledge to assess a fine job of another bike? Not only changing after market parts from a big book. Should be part of the jury members from custom magazines? Is it a motorcycle exhibition or competition? Who decides which bike is worthy and what is not able to participate in the Bike Show? Even to win for various reasons (fashion, friends and interests among jury members) Innovation, manageability, art, fashion ... A winning bike can be like a furniture on wheels? Or should show what was actually built?
Freedom mind to build a cool bike despite not being able to ride on a road or Freedom to build something and ride on it?
 So...Where is the limit??