23 Nov 2014

Day Off

Whenever I have a day off, I attempt to escape to Gold Coast.
(Pic from Surfers Paradise beach) 

Putting a switch at Ipswich

These days I'm working in Ipswich, putting the Xmas lights in all the towns of the county. Never had put so many switches and Christmas lights in life, as during all these days. Holly shit! 
The work is a bit boring and something hard by the amount of working hours (8 a.m. to 22 p.m.). During the morning in the workshop prepairing the panels, lights...and at 4 or 5 p.m. we're installing all that Christmas shit.

Sometimes in the workshop I feel like in Mad Max

But the good things about being here now is that just in five minutes with the UTE there is the best Dragster circuit in Australia and a burnout track every Saturday eve.




The UTE...fucking funny!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

9 Nov 2014

Cool wheels I see around QLD

(Sorry for some photos were taken with the mobile)
Ford Falcon wagon


O.k. This Holden belongs to a legend here in Brisbane called Rock `N' Roll George, maybe it's not very cool I know, but it's part of the story here, perhaps was a pioneer in customize a car. Known for the Holden he drove around Brisbane for over six decades, Rock ’N’ Roll George represented something timeless: he visited the same places at the same times, wearing the same clothes and always cruising in his uniquely customised car.

Next pics are from the opening day of Harley Davidson dealership in Nerang (Gold Coast) but all these bikes were built by Livin Loco Garage who were invited to the event, these people have good works

6 Nov 2014

More pics from Oz

My first pie, here.

Manly (Brisbane)...

Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast)

This fish is Barramundi (at least that's what I ordered) a typical fish here. Barramundi is a loanword from an Australian aboriginal language of the Rockhampton area in Queensland, meaning "large-scaled river fish". Correct, It inhabits rivers and descends to estuaries and tidal-flats to spawn (Thanks Wikipedia!) Was very yummy.

Next pictures from Oz will be with kangaroos, koalas and other animals in the visit at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the experience with the Kangaroos for me...was  unforgettable.