2 Jul 2014

Some pics from Mulafest 2014 (Part 2)

The stand of Valtoron...  rad bikes, amazing craftsmen. Have the privilege of seeing their work close, is astonishing.

On progress...

La Bomba 500

La Loma 750

And... La Bestia
Awesome Kawasaki with 230 hp and 1327 cc turbo. It was the winner of the Best of show, last Mulafest (2013)

The art of Toño Merinero

I met my friends from Greasy Bobber, really good guys!
Amazing Ducati from Desideratum, love the detail of the gas tank

And this is "Pantera" from Russell Mecanica, the best of show in the BMW bike show. It was my favorite since I saw the first time.

And these were (left to right) the Best Scrambler (Russell Mecanica), Best Street style (Adrenaline machine) and Best Cafe racer (Cafe Racer Obsession)

1 Jul 2014

Some pics from Mulafest 2014 (Part 1)

Awesome Yamaha XJ from Desideratum

Valkiria, a radical BMW R65 from Cafe Racer Obsession, best Cafe racer at the BMW Bike Show

Tough Moto Guzzi V7 from Cafe Racer Dreams 

Riding from Benicasim to Madrid

Last Friday, I went with the Bluey from Benicassim to Madrid (around 450 Km) to attend the Mulafest. I rode through the back roads and was an awesome trip.

Contreras reservoir

Smoko break in a servo

Forsaken restaurant

I'm very happy for having made ​​this trip alone, I needed to live carefree for few hours of all external pressure that I have lately, clear my mind and disconnect ... like old times.
I've done this route lots of times, but never with that feeling of peace with myself, just the bike, the road and me... mate, can't explain how weel I felt.


Bachelor party

Two weeks ago my friend "The Horse" organize my bachelor party. These are just a few photos from that funny day

Thanks to all the friends who came and also to my friend Javiking, the photographer for the pics... It was a great day!

18 Jun 2014

Vicious Cycles

Always funny! 
One more time for the good old times, with music from "Davie Allan and the arrows"

11 Jun 2014

Riding to the beach / If 6 was 9

I never put a video riding with the Bluey and the sound of the idle speed and the exhaust pipes. O.k. I know what you'd think... Hey! Use a GoPro or similar, is a very bad video, bad quality, it's just noise, bad view or maybe is a cool view of my left hand...hahahaha! It's just an edited video (because it was a bit long), recorded not long ago with the phone inside the left pocket of my denim jacket. I added a cool song that I like, from  Hendrix and a small credit at the end to look like something more serious, lol.
Sorry, I'm not cool...


6 Jun 2014

"Chrome that wood" by Manu Campa at Slowroom Madrid

A few days ago I went to see an exhibition that I discovered by chance, called "Chrome That wood". It was a series of 10 panels painted by an artist called Manu Campa, based in the bohemian neighborhood of Malasaña in Madrid. And whoa!... I really liked how this bloke got the chrome effect on wood and the realism in the lines and colors!

The exhibition, was done in a shop called Slowroom Madrid, and I was also very impressed by the good treatment they gave me, the good taste and diversity of high quality articles focused on urban cycling. 
It was cool to have known this artist and this new place, I promise return.