18 Jan 2015


All right Hipsters, this funny vid for the next "The One motorcycle show" 2015 in Portland. It's a brilliant critique to all those blokes who like to appear on videos with trendy clothes and perfect beards, talking about how good you feel when you're dreaming riding your next build in the garage with extra grinder sparks with a cool song.Worrying thing is that today a teaser has become a trend. Indeed today sometimes to be a famous bike builder, you don't need to grease or burn your hands to make a bike, just need to be cool.

I admit that I also like to enjoy a good video of people working on his bike in the garage...or riding in lost places. It made me remember some old videos recorded by a friend 7 or 8 years ago in our dark and "secret" old place...hahahaha, we were like the Beavis and Butthead mechanics. Oh...the good times!

2 Dec 2014

Quick trip to Byron Bay

The last week I made a quick trip to Byron Bay (NSW), at the most easterly point of the australian mainland it's just 186 Km from Brisbane with 1 hr time difference between QLD and NSW from November to March because QLD doesn't have daylight time saving.
Around all this sweet town you breathe surfing and it's like living in a hippie community in the 21st century, the youthful vibe is mixed with the relaxation of its former inhabitants. Faded colored shirts are also mixed with an expensive and high quality of life. In addition to its beaches and its environment, the most representative of Byron Bay is the lighthouse.
Nice place to visit with your girl or go there with some friends to have a really cool time...

The Hotel pool was cool...

The visit to the Deus Ex Machina store in Byron Bay is a must

23 Nov 2014

Day Off

Whenever I have a day off, I attempt to escape to Gold Coast.
(Pic from Surfers Paradise beach) 

Putting a switch at Ipswich

These days I'm working in Ipswich, putting the Xmas lights in all the towns of the county. Never had put so many switches and Christmas lights in life, as during all these days. Holly shit! 
The work is a bit boring and something hard by the amount of working hours (8 a.m. to 22 p.m.). During the morning in the workshop prepairing the panels, lights...and at 4 or 5 p.m. we're installing all that Christmas shit.

Sometimes in the workshop I feel like in Mad Max

But the good things about being here now is that just in five minutes with the UTE there is the best Dragster circuit in Australia and a burnout track every Saturday eve.




The UTE...fucking funny!

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

9 Nov 2014

Cool wheels I see around QLD

(Sorry for some photos were taken with the mobile)
Ford Falcon wagon


O.k. This Holden belongs to a legend here in Brisbane called Rock `N' Roll George, maybe it's not very cool I know, but it's part of the story here, perhaps was a pioneer in customize a car. Known for the Holden he drove around Brisbane for over six decades, Rock ’N’ Roll George represented something timeless: he visited the same places at the same times, wearing the same clothes and always cruising in his uniquely customised car.

Next pics are from the opening day of Harley Davidson dealership in Nerang (Gold Coast) but all these bikes were built by Livin Loco Garage who were invited to the event, these people have good works