18 Jan 2015


All right Hipsters, this funny vid for the next "The One motorcycle show" 2015 in Portland. It's a brilliant critique to all those blokes who like to appear on videos with trendy clothes and perfect beards, talking about how good you feel when you're dreaming riding your next build in the garage with extra grinder sparks with a cool song.Worrying thing is that today a teaser has become a trend. Indeed today sometimes to be a famous bike builder, you don't need to grease or burn your hands to make a bike, just need to be cool.

I admit that I also like to enjoy a good video of people working on his bike in the garage...or riding in lost places. It made me remember some old videos recorded by a friend 7 or 8 years ago in our dark and "secret" old place...hahahaha, we were like the Beavis and Butthead mechanics. Oh...the good times!


Anonymous said...

Me alegra ver que retomaste el blog y diste ese gran paso en la vida. Una pena no habernos conocido en su momento... y tambien que tuvieras que desacerte de tu sporty, pero bueno, al final las motos solo son objetos ¿no?


Carlos NoClaSSRat

James said...

Exacto. Miento si digo que no me dio pena verla marchar, me ha dado horas y horas de diversión, pero...ya vendrán más "Tengo un mono de moto que no cabe en una jungla" jajajajaja

Me alegra saber de ti, muchacho. Espero que todo vaya bien y que vuelvan los NoClaSSRat!!

Un saludo!