1 Feb 2011

Alberto Garcia Alix

Born March 22, 1956 in Leon. He moved to Madrid in 1967 and began studying law career shortly after leaving. In 1976, he published his first photographs in the magazine Barcelona Star In 1978 he released the album "Modern Vices", in which his photographs are accompanied by texts and drawings by Ceesepe. In the 80's and 90's traveled to Venice, New York, Bali and Cuba capturing images as a diary.

His images, always in black and white characters show us the Madrid scene to others of their particular vision of life in the motorcycle world. Art critic Serraller defined as "street poet. "

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Sil said...

Is curious ...we all are so different, aren't we?!
We can understanding the world of many diferent ways ! Only the love of friends must not change !
I love diferent people , I love all what is diferent of me!
Saludos desde Brasil my friend!