28 Feb 2011

Non-Stop week

It's been a non stopping week, cause for which I haven't had much time to write any post. I'm doing some home improvement (painting some walls in the living-room as orange and dark brown in the picture, fixing a few things, etc). Also on Thursday, brought me a bike to the cave, it needed some adjustments and change the battery, nothing of great importance, but I was only free hours in the evening, after dinner and there was a moment where I thought 24 hours day were not enough! All this must be added, hours of exercise I do in rehab and with the bicycle, to gain muscle in the leg.

Luckily on Sunday, also to continue working, I ate a delicious BBQ as usual, which in addition to lamb chops and sausages, also ate "Calçots", a variant of the onion, typical of Catalonia, yummy!

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