23 May 2011

Last week in pics

It was a hard week and I'm "knackered"...Finishing and finally ordering the entire cave during all the week (Comming soon pics).

The Chihuahua was operated on Thursday and she has some points on his belly, she's O.k.
On Friday I was in Grao of Castellon at "La Pacheca" bar, with "Docker", "Caballo", "Pollo"... and after we went to "El Terrat" a near restaurant, for the dinner.
The concert  of "Los Twangs" (a surfing band) was on Saturday at Four Seasons Club, in Castellon city, it wasn't bad, luckily I saw a lot of people who long ago I saw, there.
Finally on Sunday I had a "barbie" at home and I'm soooo tired...

Tomorrow starts a new week, the last week before tying the frame of the bike in the elevator and start at last to re-build my bike.

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