27 Oct 2011


The last days I haven't spent much time in the cave.  Backpain from Monday to Wednesday in the evening, that I started to feel better (thanks Carlos NoClassRats for your words). Thursday, Friday and Saturday I went to see "The Horse". He gets an old workshop and wants to make a big-cool cave inside with a garage zone, dinning room and a bed, like a house. A cool personal project for him.

So these days I have to hurry, luckily I received some parts that had demanded, such as the handlebar and a solenoid end cover with direct start button. Thanks to Frank, from California Motorcycles (Oliva-Valencia) by how fast you send it. The direct start button was mounted in two minutes, O.k. Now I'm making the holes to get inside the wires to make a clean install.

You're right by what you see, the risers are also pierced on the lathe. I'll post after the chroming...

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