8 Oct 2011


Trashformaciones are a collective created by the Montoya brothers since 2002 in Castellon. Their creations are coming directly from scrap to be turned into an interesting way of expression.

In addition of Castellon, they have also exhibited in different cities such as Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona.
This last, called Boneskin (Huesopiel) is about how the iron beams are considered as the bones. We understand that bone is the sustenance of the body as might be the beams in a building of something.
According to the creators, on the concept "skin" refers to the visible part, which is exposed to the weather as with the motorcycles and cars (Vespa, Simca, Seat Supermirafiori, Seat 600...)

It's curious seeing all these cars and bikes hanging with his iron trays (also obtained from recycling) of waste oil overflowing reflects itself, as if an old slaughterhouse for vehicles they were. This together with the background sound when they are reduced to the minimum.

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