6 Nov 2011

The good old times

Nostalgic day at the cave on a bored rainy cold Sunday afternoon. I spent the afternoon looking old pics and listening to music.

 This was my first bike,  when I was about 13 or 14 years old. Mi old Derbi Diablo C4 from 78', miss that bike, man. I rescued this bike from the back shed at my grandparents' house in the bush. It doesn't run so I fixed and changed some things like the gas tank. putting a Montesa Cota gas tank, the rear fender and lights.

I remember that spent nearly all day on the bike, riding here and there. Happy times with so little...What memories!

1 comment:

Sil said...

que tus fiestas sean como te mereces , con alegria , pero que ella puede permanecere en su corazón por el año intero! Y muchos kilometros para rodar , comming soon! Saludos James!