4 Dec 2011

I'm back...

...about 15 days ago on which I didn't post anything here, I've been busy with other things and specially with the bike. I finished putting the handlebar into position (now, it's time for the wires). The speedometer has a new place with a  hand made bracket, like the rear light & license plate bracket.

More pics soon, I hope to get some more time to post more often.


HIJO DE LOS 80 said...

Las putas esportys que trabajo nos dan macho... ANIMO!

Chopper James said...

Si que dan un poquillo, si....pero nos merecera la pena, sin duda!

Esos escapes que hicisteis, se salen y a la que habeis cortado por detras no me quiero ni imaginar que le depara, jajajajajaja. Estais haciendo un buen curro con las 2.

Animo y al ataque con ellas!