29 Mar 2012


Hey, long time without words!!
Well, I'm sorry but after Llunatica biker meeting I was tired of the routine and I didn't have much to say, thank you for keep through here!
During this time I tried to enjoy my time, disconnect and not worry about schedules, doing what I felt like at this moment, spending time with my girl, my dogs, beach...

I went some days to Dublin, Dubs are great people and the city is amazing. Pity that the sun's rays are scarce, I was so delighted with the city that I wouldn't mind move to live there.

Statue tribute to Docker

Also I spent good times with my friends, going to concerts, BBQ...

Last weekend I went to had a brekkie and see my old friends and ex-work mates of the official H-D dealer. Was cool, they showed me a nice project with a Norton Commando with different original parts from around the world and others like the Sporty front...Looks radical!

I'm not consider myself an artist or anything like this, I have no idea to use the brushes but I've been doing these two things as a hobby, sometimes I like to do these things to disconnecting. The anchor draw may get hung on the wall somewhere in the cave and the piston is something I'm working and it's going to be a trophy coming soon , a gift for a special person.

Finally I started with other Sporty, this bike changed my life years ago...

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