2 May 2012



Not Bad...

I started the month making a small proof not only to the Bluey, me too. Although both have changed some things in our "aesthetic" (more scars to me) in the wake of the crash three years ago... the feelings are the same. Everybody heard things like being in tune with someone or some animal, maybe a dog ... But as the speedometer moves forward, I'm realizing that strange as it may sound, I feel connected to this bike 100%.

I know...it's just a sporty, but I find it especially because it has been a great motivation for me. As I've been improving my leg, I started with everything in my life. First, reorganize the cave slowly, while the operations were going on, complemented by a loooong rehabilitation and when I felt a little better, started with the bike made like me, and the rest...is coming.

The important thing is that I learned to live each day as if it were the last, enjoy every moment and love every day to people who love me and helped when I met against the ropes. Thanks to those people.

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