27 Apr 2013

Lapse time...

More than six months without writing a few words here. During this time I had to be away from my cave, the sea, friends...
Luckily, I come back for a few days from time to time.

I moved towards the interior of Catalonia, where the weather is cold in Winter...(Brrrr). There, I set out to create a course for teenagers for about 2 months. The idea was simple, the teenagers bring their old bike or maybe from a relative or friend, forgotten for years in a storage room or garage and give them a new life...bizarre bikes, choppers or maybe a fixie (creation was free). I decided name it "Cycle-trash project". Unfortunately the organization who offered me to give the course didn't give me many means to carry out.

The rest of the time wasn't very funny, far from my cave and the tools, although I've been seeing some curious things and exhibitions around the Barcelona province during these six months.

Patricia Picón

Alberto Garcia Alix

And also I went to a party at DC Embassy in Barcelona city, called "Keepin' it greasy" organized by the people from Garage Artist (Great people!) and DC shoes. It was very cool... BBQ, beer, nice people, motorcycles, skate and movies from Kingdom of Kicks, Dime City Cycles, Dice Magazine and many more.

 ...was a fantastic jump with skateboard over the bike! Shit phone!!

Also I received a message from Luis (Mondo Biker Magazine) and meet in February to take some pics to the Bluey, so I came home for a couple weeks to prepare everything and also hang out with my friends, ride with the bicycle early in the morning...

I miss watching this every morning, but ...I'll come back soon!!

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