2 Feb 2014


 During this long time without writing a word, some things have happened. After I moved to Igualada (Barcelona) for one year. I hoped not take long to come home with my friends, my dogs, the beach, the garage, the bike and other greasy things...

Seen on the street, in Igualada this hearse Seat 1500, to drive every day

Antique street market in Igualada

Real best friend

I came home last September, to attend the Big Twin biker meeting, It was a great week!

At the biker beach party with the photographer Fernando Ibañez and his funny shirt, Rafa and the Horse (photo: Javiking)

My mate Jesus & me

But I regret to announce that I will take some time to return to the cave. I had to re-move to another city, this time even farther from the sea, this time the "big smoke", this time Madrid...

This meatball was me in 1983 in Madrid on a Seat 124

In my new neighborhood today, still remains some cars from late 70s. It's ugly, but seeing this Chrysler 180 among current cars without personality, produces a little nostalgia

In December, I went for some days to Valencia to see my surgeon for a check, he gave me very good news. My tibia is very strong!!

So I kept riding...
and riding...

Also I went to the first "Valencia Custom Fest" with my mates Horse and Richard. Was cool because I think that  the Valencia Community needed an event like this, here are people who build and ride interesting things.

Sporty from a friend in Olleria (Valencia) Javier Customizing

Cool front headlight

My mate Alex from FTF Motorcycles

Alex's bike before making a pintstriping on the show

But all the good things are short. I returned to Madrid, luckily there is Bonneville which I often visit to see Adolfo and talk a while, see the bikes and other parts froms the shop. The pic was taken in a weekend that the Horse came to Madrid  for a visit.

My bicycle in Madrid...

The year has started well, because the first weekend of the new year went for a ride with the crew, it was amazing ride with them all together !!

We've made some new button pins...

I went to see Elias from 13 cycles in Benicasim, he is building an awesome custom bicycle

Another bike from 13 cycles seen on an exhibition last weekend in Benicasim, where I went with the crew...

Another photo by Javiking

The truck left 3000 kg of firewood, that I had to stack for a whole afternoon to get the bike from the garage...

And that's all for now, there isn't much more interesting to say at the moment, I can't go back to the cave, I would love to go back and continue creating things, but for now it's impossible and perhaps is one of the reasons for not posting anything here at this time. I'm searching new personal challenges overseas...not here in Spain. Lately I prefer to use instagram for posting daily stuff quickly.

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