1 Nov 2014

And now...what!?

When I started this blog on 1-1-11it was while I was still recovering from my bike accident after having broken tibia, fibula and femur in May 09'. While still on a wheelchair, I began to recover and had many ideas in my mind, for when I was recovered. So I decided to start the blog while I was refurbishing the garage at home in "my cave". The place where later I would rebuild my Sporty (The Bluey) and continue with the illusion of making the cave a meeting place for my friends and their bikes, repairing them... creating a bond and trying to make it also a way of lifeThat was the reason to create in parallel the blog with the intention to share that moments, with post of some trips or attending local meetings like Llunatica, Big Twin and other importants like Speedfest or Mulafest.

In fact and in view of the last post for some time now, many of those things have changed, but what it saddens me, is losing the essence ... "The Cave"... work on my bike and other projects, repairing, creating parts, etc.Because nowthe cave is not much more that the name of the blog and even me, I don't find much sense.

Coming to Australia, it has been my desire since I was a kid. Many people who know me well  know that it was not a sudden idea and I fought a lot to get it (People who thought they knew me and believed it was another crazy idea from me, maybe didn't know me so well). 

I will tell you a secret,.. before opening the workshop "The Horse Crew" back in 2008, I thought very strongly in the possibility of leave everything and come to Australia. In that moment had money, had no debts...It was a very good opportunity but for other personal things I didn't. So, I chose the other way, opening the workshop, because it was other of my dreams, Unfortunately there are times in life  that if you ignore your heart and instinct the decision you have taken wrongly can change your life.

It was when I woke up in the room of the Hospital and I was surrounded by machines and tubes, my leg was there as in a Tarantino's film and thought...man, I've been close to miss out, I have to fight for it. 

Later, thereby return to the story of the blog and the cave, thought on the idea that if I could get to Australia and over the years... what in its day was a garage and a blog, get to open a shop or workshop in the future, but not in Spain...I think that Spain is not ready for my idea of a shop (I don't want demean the people in Spain, but know the experience well) and maybe Australia yes. But to know if I can get the second part of my purpose may have to spend some time, just arrived a month ago here so only time will knows. For now, I regret to say that I can't  keep talking about bikes alwaysSorry for the inconvenience.
Thank you.

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