The Bluey (Sold)

*2002 Sportster 883 

I posted all the photos that I had filed in the computer (good and bad) in the step by step of the Bluey. 

That was before...
 very fun to ride. 

Step 1:
Dismounting and preparing in my old workshop.

Making holes for the wires

Cutting a bit the rear fender struts

Old replica rear fender for 70's Ironhead, cut and modified.

Step 2
Preparing and mounting on the cave.

Making the holes for the front turn signal wires... 

Time for paint...

Cut a piece of tube in half, to hide and protect the wires on rear turn signals

This was an old 93' Sportster swingarm, modified with a new homemade bracket for the rear brake.

Typical new place for keys.

Making the bracket for the rear light and license plate

Drilling the handlebar for the wires

 Bracket for the speedometer


And I give thank all who have contributed, helped and supported me
(specially to my mate "The Horse" and the crew).
Thanks mates!

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