1 Jul 2013

Brotherhood anchor tattoo

Every tattoo has the meaning that everyone wants to give.
I searched some information about the anchors and also each one says a different thing, a lucky symbol among other things. A person with an anchor tattoo, wants to project who is reliable, honest... like a stable ship. That person is someone who can keep you safe and protect you from adversity, although not see and receive reward in exchange betrayals and dirty tricks.

In my case, the anchor means a sum of events, lasting friendship, attitude, around a place..."El Grao".
I get there, 13 years ago and the first night I went out, I met my "brother from another mother" The Horse. Since then whenever I needed help, he has been there...
Very close to the harbor, In early summer 2008, I opened with The Horse my first and only workshop until now. Before a bike shop, was a ships workshop. Was a dream come true...although somewhat brief, were the fast days.

When the guys from "Mondo biker" magazine made ​​the photo report to the Bluey, I asked them if the photos could be taken at the port.

To end the post, I would like to make a mention but not less important. The tattoo was done by another good friend from Grao, "Kike" It was about ten years without tattooing anyone...Thanks a lot, bro.

13 years given to many more stories, but these reasons have been much more than enough.
In the harbor area I learned many rules about respect and trust, also have been people who disappoint me but those are lessons that gives you life...

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