10 Jul 2013

Can / Cannot

Last Saturday I was walking around the "Barcelona Harley Days", an event organized by the MO.CO.

Luckily not everything were fringe and screens...

I took a walk around the shops, where I met to Hinomarutomomimoto, a Japanese artist and pleasant woman. She draws cool T-shirts with motorcycles, but not a typical drawing of a motorcycle. His drawings have something special. Although she is right-handed, she draws with his left hand to give the appearance of the vibration on the bike, I really liked them.


 I met there to my friend "Peta" from Asturias! Nice to see you again, mate!
I also went to see some bikes who participated in the bike show. Although I saw a lot of Sportsters and Trikes in the closed park, the Best of show winner, was also the winner on best Big Twin category (I don't have pic, sorry). The bike was from Underground Motorcycles,  Barcelona (Congrats Miguel Angel) they usually build pretty cool bikes.
This last bike show, although as I said before, the organizer is Harley Spain, made me think that the show would be fat lens over, after some controversy currently in internal forums about the bike shows in Spain. To mark a Bike Show held in Madrid a couple weeks ago.
 Apparently there are bike builders, professionals and non-professionals, in the national scene, that aren't in accordance with the criteria of the votes from the jury and some winners, not only in this event, also all meetings held in Spain.

Best "Sporty" winner

Nice flatty from Sueca Iron Cycles, also winner in "Antique Category"

"Best Custom" winner from "Crazy Dreams Mallorca"
There are some rules that are now debating on the table. Honesty and good judgment when are voting on a motorcycle to make the winner. Others are questions randomly thrown, but with much aiming, as the number of categories and the incomprehension of others, such as "Free Style"... Who should be the jury of the Bike Show? Builders? What criteria? Not everyone will be able to value the good work, improvements, style, work details, and more. Logically there are many new people and maybe some with lower knowledge to assess a fine job of another bike? Not only changing after market parts from a big book. Should be part of the jury members from custom magazines? Is it a motorcycle exhibition or competition? Who decides which bike is worthy and what is not able to participate in the Bike Show? Even to win for various reasons (fashion, friends and interests among jury members) Innovation, manageability, art, fashion ... A winning bike can be like a furniture on wheels? Or should show what was actually built?
Freedom mind to build a cool bike despite not being able to ride on a road or Freedom to build something and ride on it?
 So...Where is the limit??

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