30 Jul 2014

Back home

Before return to Benicassim a few days after Mulafest. "Tito" from Dirty works made ​​me this funny picture at Mulafest to join the DW Family. Thanks, mate! 
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 Just the day before returning, there was a strong wind and hail storm. This made ​​me think of the way back, the departure time and route. I wanted to make a way back rather unusual, but more funny... and above all enjoy as much as possible. So the route was Madrid-Guadalajara-Sacedón-Cuenca-Minglanilla-Valencia-Castellón on secondary roads. No matter the time, no hurry to get home or the number of kilometers or stops.

 So, early in the morning, I went with the bicycle to the garage where I had parked The Bluey and make the change. A few tools, a liter of extra gasoline in a bottle, camera and tobacco. For this trip wouldn't need more, because my girl would come by the highway in the afternoon with the car and she would bring my baggage.
The first stop was in Guadalajara, but it was only to put some gas so I haven't any picture of the place there. However, later in Sacedón stop near its dam, there's a funny road, rather narrow, with some curves and tunnels. The day was cloudy in that area.
 At lunchtime, I was about 50 km from Cuenca, when I found a place run by an elderly couple and their cats loose around the place, where I saw some trucks parked and a touring Honda of a couple who also were eating. They were riding from Pamplona to Almeria for Holidays. So good place to eat. Homemade food and really friendly staff, in a very quiet place. Only the silence was broken by a bird that the old man had in a cage... I was there eating and enjoying a coffee for half an hour.

After I stopped in Cuenca to fill the gas tank, continue the way. When I left there, the road is full of curves, with many trees on both sides, but then ... it started to become a lot of straight roads

 Finally I reached the Contreras dam. Where not only begins to be felt fatigue but also began to hurt my left wrist and did not have any wristband, so I had to improvise ... and It's works!

 Entering the province of Valencia

That was in a gas station close to Valencia city, was a stop of about 30 minutes to smoke and lie on the floor for a while... 9 hours on the road

And finally return home, 10 hours of fun, some deserted roads, no problem on the bike and be able to be with all our dogs.

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