2 Jul 2014

Some pics from Mulafest 2014 (Part 2)

The stand of Valtoron...  rad bikes, amazing craftsmen. Have the privilege of seeing their work close, is astonishing.

On progress...

La Bomba 500

La Loma 750

And... La Bestia
Awesome Kawasaki with 230 hp and 1327 cc turbo. It was the winner of the Best of show, last Mulafest (2013)

The art of Toño Merinero

I met my friends from Greasy Bobber, really good guys!
Amazing Ducati from Desideratum, love the detail of the gas tank

And this is "Pantera" from Russell Mecanica, the best of show in the BMW bike show. It was my favorite since I saw the first time.

And these were (left to right) the Best Scrambler (Russell Mecanica), Best Street style (Adrenaline machine) and Best Cafe racer (Cafe Racer Obsession)

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